Agilla Pro is dedicated to data-driven decision making. Analytical business intelligence helps our clients transcend the status quo and achieve profitable revolutions in business and marketing decisions.




Google Analytics

Agilla Pro’s expertise in Google Analytics allows us to gain the insight necessary to make informed marketing and business development decisions, and innovative solutions that meet your corporate goals.



Google AdWords

Agilla Pro works with our partners to tune-up Google Adwords accounts. Our experienced team will assess paid search strategies while planning and executing innovative techniques to achieve PPC goals.



Business Intelligence

We craft custom, interactive BI solutions for our clients by gaining a deep understanding of their business goals and current data architecture and then applying our extensive experience, along with industry best practices, into developing systems that transform data into actionable insights.



Data Visualization

Often, delivering data visually enables us to uncover hidden trends and correlations. We help clients better understand and communicate complex sets of data through the use of smart visualizations.



Predictive Analytics

Our team leverages a wide array of cutting-edge models and statistical techniques to identify and extrapolate important trends in client’s data, enabling us to then solve the future’s problems today.



Machine Learning

Utilizing the latest techniques in machine learning, we build highly accurate predictive models that can become smarter over time.