We lead with an Agile Approach


Our highest priority is to satisfy clients with the successful delivery of valuable software within a competitive timeline.


Requirements Analysis

Our team understands the need for change and has the flexibility to expedite requirement revisions while adjusting to the unpredictability of software development.

We begin with defining the overall scope of objectives and determine requirements for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). We then engage with clients through extensive collaboration to determine priorities, expectations, and goals.

The Agilla Pro team uses incremental, iterative work sequences to develop innovative solutions specific to our clients business needs.

System Design

We begin this phase by focusing on the initial architectural design and flow of a project.

While these models offer an illustrative prototype, they do not require a fully documented set of commands to begin coding. Our iterative approach allows us to work with our clients on refining requirements throughout the development cycle.

Design details are integrated after our client has confirmed concept layout and functionality.



Primary components of a project begin as initial requirements and design concepts are prepared.

Our team includes UX/UI designers and developers who focus on user interface, product display, and site functionality.

We recognize the need for revision during the lifetime of a project, therefore, the first phase of development stands as a concept premiere for testing purposes.

Integration and Testing

Agilla Pro Quality Assurance teams routinely test design functionality and code on every project and then communicate necessary changes to the design team.

Equipped with expertise on site performance and an eye for detail, this QA team will verify appropriate software communication between modules, including third-party elements.

Integration testing continues throughout each phase of a project to ensure the highest quality product.


Ready. Aim. Launch

In coordination with our clients, a product is moved from development to production in this deployment stage.

This is the phase where the vision becomes reality. The collaborative effort between the client and the Agilla Pro team will ensure the roll-out schedule is a success by consistently redefining tasks and quickly assessing changes for improvement. This process is in place until we launch.

Operations and Maintenance

Changes are made to developed systems to support the overall operation.

This may include improvements to the software, system performance, security enhancements or other design or developmental requirements.